IRP Publications Database Contents (as of January 2012)

IRP Affiliate Publications (AP)
IRP affiliate's publications of book chapters and journal articles.
Year of coverage: 2005 - present
Only bibliographic information available.

IRP Discussion Papers (DP)
Technical treatments of research in progress, as yet unpublished.
Year of coverage: 1966 - present
    *Abstracts available: 1992 - present
    *Full texts available (pdf): 1966 - present
Links to full texts are included in title list and abstracts.

IRP Doctoral Dissertations (DD)
Poverty-related doctoral dissertations from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Year of coverage: 1971 - 2011

IRP Focus
IRP Newsletter.
Year of coverage: 1976 - present (Full texts available)

IRP Fast Focus
Brief, single-topic summaries of important IRP conferences, publications, and events disseminated only electronically.
Year of coverage: 2008 - present (Full texts available)

IRP Project Publications (PP)
Project reports not published in discussion papers.
Year of coverage: 1999 - present

IRP Reprints (RPT)
Professional journal articles published by IRP affiliates and staff.
Year of coverage: 1966 - present
Full texts of IRP reprints are not available online due to copyright restrictions, but can be ordered from our publications department by reprint number.

IRP Special Reports (SR)
Reports prepared for government agencies, committees, or commissions.
Year of coverage: 1976 - present (Full texts available)